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Eating Healthy
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Fresh Quality

Our philosophy at Chickpea is a simple one: preparing balanced, healthy dishes with you in mind.

Our plates are created with natural ingredients that come straight from the source. We then take the rich, earthy flavors already provided to us by Mother Nature and put our own creative spin on them to create the unique dishes we are so very proud of.

A wide selection of daily fresh and simple ingredients makes eating healthy exciting and innovative, each time you join us.

Chickpea Kitchen


Customizing your own pita or bowl is easy as 1-2-3. We have all the Mediterranean flavors you can think of, plus a few that might be new to you. With our premium selection of fresh vegetables, choice meats and rich sauces you can build a brand new dish every time.

Chickpea Kitchen

Vegan Approved

We offer natural and healthy vegetarian options that are plant based and chosen fresh daily. Vegans, vegetarians, and those wanting a new experience, will find a home here at Chickpea Kitchen.

Chickpea Kitchen


Our vegetables are delivered to us fresh each and every day from local farmers who actively use fair and sustainable practices. We wouldn’t settle for anything less than the very best for our guests.

Our Menu

At Chickpea Kitchen, our wide selection of menu options are carefully created to provide you with not only fresh, healthy choices but also ones that are packed full of authentic Mediterranean flavor.

Simple and clean food for a simple and clean lifestyle, it’s that easy.

History and Heritage

Authentic Mediterranean cuisine is unfortunately a rare thing in today’s culinary landscape. We are always happy when our guests tell us that they loved getting to try out new dishes whenever they dine here.

At Chickpea Kitchen, we tap into the rich flavors of our heritage and adapt iconic recipes to give you not just a meal, but an experience.

Our meals are lovingly prepared to represent true Mediterranean culture. Each one is made with only the freshest ingredients available and presented at a price everyone can afford. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Our food is all carefully selected to best represent true Mediterranean cuisine, with the freshest and healthiest ingredients possible. Known for our healthy, fresh, and affordable options, we have been pleasing the Mediterranean palate for years.

About Us

We come from families of farmers and butchers, so the importance of quality ingredients has been ingrained in us since we were children. The ingredients are the building blocks from which we create our meals and so we are passionate about using only the best we can find. So whenever you visit us and look over our selection of fresh vegetables and savory meats, know that each one was hand-selected to give you the most delicious meal possible.

Chickpea Kitchen is our love-letter to Mediterranean cuisine, a fast-casual eatery that is perfect for vegetarians, vegans and, diners who embrace all kinds of food.

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